Ranger Medallions

Hey Rangers.  Throughout the years, I’ve produced give-away medallions with various designs…:

These medallions are 1.5″ in diameter and have a loop and jump-ring at the top for easy threading on a neck cord (leather, waxed cotton or other).

This year’s medallions looks like this:


The pricing for these is $2.00 each, with a 10 piece minimum order.  Historically, Rangers have purchased between 10 to 100 to give away to friends and participants.  I’ve produced custom pieces from 10 to 200 pieces.  They have made great giveaways after interacting with fellow burners and were a great gift for my section while working the burn perimeter.

If you would like to place an order, the minimum order quantity is 10 pieces. 

The last day to order CUSTOM MEDALLIONS is June 13th!  You may still order the standard Ranger Love Medallion after this date.

Please complete the following google form:


I WILL ONLY SEND THESE TO YOU VIA US POSTAL SERVICE.  If you would like to make other arrangements, please contact me via email FIRST!

For those of you outside of the U.S., please email me for options before placing an order.  I will be able to bring a limited quantity to Black Rock Desert this year.

These medallions do not come with neck cords.  You will need to provide them.

The last day to order CUSTOM MEDALLIONS is June 13th!  You may still order the standard Ranger Love Medallion after this date.


DO NOT check the “Paying for a good or a service” box as this adds a fee to the service.  If you would like to check “paying for a good or service,” please add 5% to your total.

Put your name and call sign in the PayPal “Write a note” box so I know the money is from you.  I’ll send you a confirmation email after I’ve received payment.


  1.  Complete the google form (see above).
  2. Go to PayPal, follow instructions above, pay.
  3. Submit the google form (you’ll understand once you get there)
  4. Make sure you press the SUBMIT button on the final google form page, or your order will not be entered. (I’ll then have to track you down from the paypal payment and sometimes that does not work).
  5. Be patient.  It may take day or two (or possibly longer if I’m traveling) for me to send you a confirmation email.
  6. Medallions should be in my hands towards end of July.  I’ll send them out immediately via USPS priority mail.  Shipping time is usually 2 – 5 days.
  7. That’s it!

OH, Yeah… and you must be an Black Rock Ranger to order, unless ordering custom medallions without the “ranger love” logo.  



P.S.: NOPE — Too late for 2023 event.  I can produce custom medallions for your camp/event.  There is a big cost savings to have your 1.5″ diameter medallions produced at the same time as these Ranger Love Medallions are produced.  See menu item “Custom Medallions” or click here:   http://www.rangerlove.com/?page_id=70 for more info. If you have any questions, contact me at hari@boukis.com .